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Peripheral Neuropathy Patient Testimonials

My name is Walt, and I’d like to tell you about my neuropathy. I literally used to lie in bed at night and cry because they [my feet] hurt so bad. I was to the point where I HAD to do something about it. Period. I had told my medical doctor that I needed to see a neurologist to get on some type of a pain killer, and I was ready to commit to taking pain killers for the rest of my life. Strangely enough, I was in the neurologist’s office sitting there waiting and I picked a newspaper up and I saw Dr. Smith’s advertisement. I got excited enough about it; I got right up out of the chair, went outside, and called Amanda at Dr. Smith’s office and she had me come in within about four days. From then on, all I can say is my prayers have been answered. The first day, I called my wife after we left here and I said, “This is going to work! I can actually feel my feet are different right now.” Within about four to five days I felt like I had new feet, and it just keeps getting better every time I come up here [to the office], and I just want to say thanks.Walt B.

Before I came in here, I was in a lot of pain with my feet. I could not sleep at night, sometimes 24 hours a day. It would not go away. Most of the time it was like walking on gravel; and that was always there for many, many years. I also had pain on the side of leg but my feet were so painful, nothing would help. Ice, heat, exercise, and medicine wouldn’t help. I got different kinds of medicine, it wouldn’t help. I also had many creams, it didn’t help. Now, I feel wonderful. I can sleep again at night. I sleep 10 hours if my daughter doesn’t wake me up, and this has changed my life. I have so much energy and I feel 95% better right now. I am so thankful and I praise the Lord for bringing me here.Ilse C.

Before I came to Dr. Smith’s center, I was having a lot of burning and hurting in my feet and it was just really, really bad and since I’ve been coming to this office I no longer have burning and tingling in my feet and I’m so thrilled that I’m better.Irma M.

I decided to come to the office because I was experiencing such distracting pains in my feet. I also was experiencing my feet feeling overheated. It was definitely affecting my life. After coming to Dr. Smith’s office and going through the therapy, I have noticed that my feet are much more comfortable. I no longer have stabbing pains that were limiting my activities and I am enjoying life a lot more.Martha M.

I went through the program here at Dr. Smith’s office. The main problem I was having was being unable to sleep at night because of pain in the legs and feet. I now don’t have any pains in the legs or feet and I can sleep at night like you wouldn’t believe.John V.

Fantastic staff. After seeing an add for neuropathy and how it can be treated without medicine;I had to find out the secret . I’m an avid hiker,but couldn’t hike more than four or five miles without my feet burning so bad I could not walk.After treatment I am able to do double what I was able to do before. It works I’m am firm believer. Thank you for helping me get back to living without the pain and enjoying my passion in life
Debbie G

Before I came to see Dr. Smith [for Peripheral Neuropathy and Spinal Decompression treatment], I was in such bad pain I could only walk a short distance. I spent most time in the recliner, instead of sleeping in bed. The pain running down from my hip was causing me to walk with a very painful limp. My left foot flopped very bad. Sometimes the pain was in waves, but the numbness in my calves was constant. After receiving treatment, the pain is now gone. I am on my feet walking all day and can do all my work duties again.Lori B.

Before I came to Dr. Smith, I couldn’t sleep at night because the pain was so severe. Sometimes I felt I had electricity going through my feet. I also had severe cramps, especially in my big toe. Since I have received treatment, the pain has gone away. Now I can sleep through the night, thank God for that. The treatment and friendliness of Dr. Smith and his staff has helped quite a bit. As we say in France, “Merci (Thank You)” and God Bless.Marguerite B.

Before I came to see Dr. Smith, my feet were very sore, and I couldn’t walk on bare floor without shoes. My right leg was quite stiff. Since receiving treatment, my soreness is gone from my feet and the muscles in my leg are much better.Phyllis S.

Before I came to Dr. Smith, my feet hurt constantly. It felt like I was walking on ball bearings but at the same time I could step on a thorn and not feel it. After receiving treatment, I am now unrestricted in my physical activity. My foot pain has decreased from a 7 to a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. My feelings are returning, particularly with hot and cold. I recommend this therapy.

Before I came to see Dr. Smith, I had experienced a bad outcome following tarsal tunnel surgery, which caused a lot of numbness and severe nerve pain. I had been through numerous treatment plans and rehab programs to no avail and continued to have a lot of pain. My pain increased with activity and I went from being a physically active person to a sedentary one. Since I have started treatment with Dr. Terry Smith, my pain level has decreased and I am starting to have more feeling back in my foot and leg. This program finally helped me move forward. My confidence has increased as well as my quality of life. After seven years of fighting this problem, I am encouraged. I can walk more and I am riding a stationary bike now. I feel like I can be physically active without increasing my pain. I would recommend this program.

Before coming to see Dr. Smith, I was having extreme numbness in my feet. The right foot was the worst. After receiving treatment, I am having good results in both my feet. I’m not afraid to drive since I have better feeling on my right foot.

-Art O.