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Why Us?

Still not sure? Read Below. Here Is How We Can Help

My name is Dr. Ammon Jacobson and I am very glad you found my website! There's lots of good stuff and information that can benefit you here.

We have educational articles that explain chiropractic, what the costs are, and common misconceptions about chiropractic.You are probably looking to select a chiropractor. However there are many choices out there! Whatever you decide, here are five things to look for when choosing your chiropractor.

Here are 5 important things to look for when choosing a chiropractor:

  • 1. You should insist that they respect your time as valuable.
    That's why we have dedicated appointment times for new patients; to see you at your appointment time- not an hour later. After all, isn't your time just as valuable as your doctors?

  • 2. You should insist on years of practical experience.
    The average chiropractor nationally has treated 389 patients, however Dr. Jacobson has treated over 3,900 chronic back pain cases to date which is over 10 times more than the average chiropractor. He has performed over 190,000 adjustments in the past 10 years.

  • 3. You should insist that your chiropractor offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    Most won't because they aren't confident in their services. We are. Just how confident are we? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can't guarantee you results but we can guarantee you complete satisfaction in the way you've been treated. If at any time during your treatment you feel like you haven't been treated like a V.I.P., tell me and we'll either make it right or refund that visit.

  • 4. You should insist that your doctor provide a risk-free way for you to try out his office.
    Most offices in Colorado Springs charge in excess of $200 for a first visit. However Dr. Jacobson offers a new patient special rate of just $39 for your first visit and that covers everything (exam, consultation AND your first adjustment).

  • 5. You should insist that your chiropractor is able to correct your problem, not just get you out of pain for one day.
    Many will only get you out of pain for one day to be back in pain the next. That's why we offer programs based on the latest research to correct the problem causing your symptoms so that they do not return tomorrow.