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Why is Chiropractic the Go-To Whiplash Treatment?

Written By Smith Chiropractic on May 30, 2018

Whiplash. A condition that’s synonymous with motor vehicle accidents (MVA). 

But did you know that despite its frequency, almost 50% of patients will be left with ongoing aches and pains afterward? 


Because there isn’t a generic whiplash treatment that’s utilized in each case, which leaves patients trying a whole host of different remedies to try and alleviate their pain. 

Thankfully, however, this has all changed in recent years, as researchers have pinpointed chiropractic care as one of the most effective treatments available. 

After visiting their chiropractor, over 90% of patients note an improvement in their whiplash symptoms. 

Do You Need to Visit Your Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment? 

Typically, it takes around 24 hours for the signs and symptoms of whiplash to make themselves known. These include pain and stiffness in your neck, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. Your neck may also be painful to move, which induces loss of range and motion. 

Some patients note disturbed sleep, lack of concentration, difficulty remembering things, and irritable moods. 

If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms and you’ve been involved in a car accident or have injured yourself, you should seek the advice of your local chiropractor in Colorado Springs as soon as possible. Receiving an in-depth diagnosis will help eliminate any other potential issues that could be contributing toward your symptoms. 

What Will Your Chiropractic Care Involve? 

To carry out whiplash treatment, there are a number of practices a chiropractor can use. These include manipulation, relaxation and/or stimulation of the muscles, exercises, and dietary/lifestyle changes. 

In order to combat your whiplash effectively, your chiropractor may use a variety of techniques, including stabilization and sensorimotor exercises. They may also perform a number of stretches to help with the relaxation and stimulation of your muscles. But primarily, they’ll use spinal manipulation, which involves remobilizing your spine by gently encouraging it to move back into its original position. 

Then, to make sure you’re continuing your recovery at home, your chiropractor will assess your daily activities. They’ll determine what, if anything, could put your spine under more stress, advising the best way to carry out these tasks without placing undue pressure on your spine. 

These are just some of the whiplash treatments available, but your clinic will put together a treatment plan that’s specifically tailored to you and your unique requirements. 

Eradicate those painful whiplash symptoms for good by calling our friendly team today on 719-390-5404.

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