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Symptoms of Common Car Accident Injuries

Written By Smith Chiropractic on March 8, 2021

rsz autoaccident3A car crash is a traumatic experience, physically and mentally. If you’ve been in a collision, you should always see a medical professional. Injuries like whiplash can take hours to show signs and may result in chronic pain if not promptly treated.

A car accident chiropractor can provide treatment for various auto accident injuries. Knowing common car accident injury symptoms will help you identify them and ensure you get the prompt care you need.


Whiplash is common in rear-end collisions. It occurs when a sudden impact causes the cervical spine to extend and retract rapidly. This force may cause the spinal vertebrae to shift out of alignment and cause minute fissures in the surrounding soft tissues, like ligaments and tendons.

Symptoms of whiplash include pain and tenderness in the neck, shoulders, and upper arms, often accompanied by decreased motility. You may also notice headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and tinnitus.

Car accident chiropractors can use a combination of spinal manipulation and soft tissue massage to treat whiplash.

Herniated Disc

The spine’s vertebrae have soft discs between them. Each disc has a tough outer shell and a jelly-like interior designed to absorb shock. A herniated disc occurs when the outer shell weakens, allowing the gel-like interior to protrude and pressure the surrounding nerves.

A herniated disc usually results in numbness and tingling in the extremities—either in the arms or legs, depending on the disc's location. These symptoms are typically present on one side of the body only. 

Auto accident chiropractors can treat disc injuries using the McKenzie Method, which gently extends the spine and alleviates pressure on the disc.

Soft Tissue Damage

The massive impact of a car accident can cause soft tissue damage in various parts of the body. Symptoms include bruising, inflammation, tenderness, and soreness.

An auto accident chiropractor may use massage therapy to stimulate the damaged tissues, enhance circulation, decrease inflammation, and speed up healing.

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