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A Drug Free Approach to Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Written By Smith Chiropractic on October 8, 2018

Without proper treatment, peripheral neuropathy will be debilitating.

Chiropractors, like those at Smith Chiropractic, offer a drug free and side effect free method to peripheral neuropathy treatment.

Instead of prescribing anti-seizure medication and antidepressants, Smith Chiropractic uses LLLT therapy and Vibration therapy treatments to alleviate the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, while repairing the damaged nerves.

The Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder where there is damage to the nerves going to the hands and feet. This results in various symptoms including tingling, numbness, stiffness, burning sensations and a general loss of balance. 

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are first felt in the appendages, or fingers and toes, and have been described as small electric shocks. It can sometimes feel like you are wearing an invisible glove or sock that is constantly tingling.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy do not disappear if you ignore them. In fact, they will likely get worse.

Instead, the feelings can become more constant, making it more challenging to perform everyday tasks and physical activities. If left untreated, this can also lead to the need for assisted walking devices and amputations.

How To Treat Peripheral Neuropathy

Some typical treatment options for peripheral neuropathy include medication, which can sometimes result in unnecessary side effects. Medication is used commonly to relieve symptoms, but cannot reverse the condition.

Smith Chiropractic is one of the only offices in Colorado Springs that offer peripheral neuropathy treatment. They use state of the art and FDA-approved laser therapy to stimulate increased blood flow which helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the nerves so they can function properly. 

Laser therapy is completely safe, effective, and has no known side effects. It is more than a temporary fix. 

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment with Smith Chiropractic

If you’re looking for a drug free approach to treating your peripheral neuropathy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Terry Smith of Smith Chiropractic has developed an effective treatment option without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries.

If you’d like to learn more about this holistic approach to peripheral neuropathy treatment, schedule an appointment or call 719-390-5404.

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